Adhesive Technologies

Our business unit Adhesive Technologies is the global leader for adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings – for industrial customers as well as for consumers and craftsmen. Being industry and application experts across manufacturing industries worldwide, we work closely with our customers and partners to create sustainable value for all stakeholders – with trusted brands and high-impact solutions based on an unmatched technology portfolio.

Our products and our brands are the first choice for our customers to deliver best value solutions. We ensure that all our products and services are legally compliant, including statutory and regulatory requirements, and consistently meet or exceed our costumers needs and expectation. Their evolving requirements are satisfied by our leading innovations. We communicate relevant information and continually improve quality and hygiene by focusing on process inputs rather than on reactive corrective measures.


million euros sales in 2023


of total Henkel sales


of all Henkel employees

> 100,000

industrial customers

> 800

industry segments


Black and white photo shows a drill with cooling spray water

Our industrial product portfolio is organized into five technology cluster brands - Loctite, Technomelt, Bonderite, Teroson and Aquence.


Application of adhesive on a circuit board with components with a 4 needles machine

Our Adhesive Technologies business comprises four areas: Automotive and metals, packaging and consumer goods electronics and industrials, and craftsmen, construction and professional.

Adhesive Technologies Automotive and Metals

Mobility and electronics

In the mobility and electronics business area we are providing our international customers with tailor-made solutions and specialized technical services in the automotive, electronics and industrial industries. We are creating a competitive advantage for clients at the intersection of technology, semiconductors, automotive and industrials. With our unique technology portfolio and market know-how we are addressing global trends like electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving and industry defossilization.

Adhesive Technologies Consumer Goods

Packaging and consumer goods

In the packaging and consumer goods business area we are providing innovative solutions for consumer and branded goods manufacturers and the packaging industries worldwide. We are adding value to customer brands and offerings with high-impact solutions building on strong, lasting and trusting relationships. With our unique technology portfolio and market know-how we are addressing global consumer trends like sustainability, promoting circular economy and ensuring highest level of food safety.

Adhesive Technologies Craftsmen, Construction and Professional

Craftsmen, construction and professional

In the craftsmen, construction and professional business area we are providing high-impact solutions for consumers and craftsmen as well as for construction, manufacturing, and maintenance professionals in more than 800 industry segments. We are innovating transformative products and solutions for our customers through strong global brand platforms. And we are addressing global technology trends such as sustainable building, home improvement, smart manufacturing and predictive maintenance.