This announcement is to inform you that, in relation to the recruitment program for new employees at PT Henkel Indonesien with its address at Jl. Tegal Rotan Raya No. 78, Bintaro – Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15413 – Indonesia, the applicant is:

  • Never required to pay any cost to Henkel and/or its recruitment partners;

  • Never required to use a certain travel agent, mode of transportation or accommodation for the purpose of attending an interview at PT Henkel Indonesien.

PT Henkel Indonesien is not responsible for any communication from third parties and/or any other deception committed by third parties who are misusing the name and appear to be acting on behalf of PT Henkel Indonesien related to the recruitment of new employees.

We strongly advise anyone to thoroughly check the communication they receive in this regard and not to follow any instruction to make payments and/or provide any personal information other than that required in the official job advertisement.

Thank you for your attention.

PT Henkel Indonesien

Board of Directors