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Innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit are part of our DNA. We are curious and passionate experts with deep market and application knowledge based on an unmatched technology portfolio. We work closely with our customers and partners worldwide to create tailor-made solutions – designing new products, increasing performance and making products more sustainable.


Adhesives Technologies Research

Adhesive Technologies focuses its innovation activities and resources on technology development and expanding collaboration with partners, suppliers, customers, universities and start-ups driven by key megatrends. These trends include among others urbanization, mobility, connectivity, digitalization and sustainability.


With our innovative solutions we are encouraging the transition of urban areas to improve livability and reduce environmental impacts while maximizing economic and social co-benefits. We do so for example by developing bonding solutions that transform wood into a high-performance structural building material.


Be it with artificial intelligence or augmented reality: We systematically analyze, measure, and evaluate our new products with diverse digital tools. Using our data analytics and platforms allows us not only to monitor data in real-time but to create transparency about our research results around the world. Among other things, we make use of life cycle analyses, raw material profiles, and 3D printing technologies.


E-mobility is rapidly picking up speed. Driven by people's increasing awareness of climate change and their desire for sustainable mobility. With our innovative adhesives and sealants we are playing a key role in battery assembly and safety for electric vehicles and so driving the future of mobility. 


At Adhesive Technologies we are committed to leadership in sustainability. To bring our ambition to life we are constantly challenging and improving our material science and scientific know-how in bonding, sealing and coating. Our aim: We will offer every customer solutions that enable emission reduction and circularity. 



From advanced driver assistance systems to smartphones or connected home devices – connectivity touches nearly every facet of lives, and so are doing our solutions. We are developing products that improve today’s electronic technologies and enable a digitized future.

Translating know-how and technology expertiseinto impactful innovations


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