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Henkel is among the 250 organizations that signed the New Plastics Economy’s “Global Commitment”.

The interactive customer experience zone includes a showcase panel featuring our innovations and high impact solutions for the adhesives, sealants and functional coatings markets.

The polyurethane rubber hot melt laminator machine allows customers to laminate wood of up to 2.4 meters by 1.22 meters. It caters to the furniture and building components industry.

The total organic carbon tester is used to identify contaminants such as oil and bacteria in water or liquid solutions for the transport and metal industry.

The state-of-the-art laminator machine is used to laminate flexible packaging for various products, such as food and shampoo sachets.

The Training Academy offers comprehensive training programs to equip customers and partners with relevant skills such as application and analytical techniques, troubleshooting, and best practices in safety and sustainability.

Open office.
Henkel Indonesia’s head office implements an open office concept with flexible seating arrangements for employees.

Meeting room.
The meeting room caters to formal group meetings.

Focus room.
The focus rooms are used for concentrated work or confidential conversations.

Phone booth.
The phone booth provides a place for concentrated work or telephone calls.

Collaboration area 1.
This informal meeting area is a setting where employees have the option to stand or sit during discussions.

Collaboration area 2.
This informal meeting area is an open, flexible setting for project discussion.