Corporate Citizenship

At Henkel, Corporate Citizenship is our way of “Making Society Future-fit”: with our activities, we empower people through education that provides them with the skillsets and competencies that lead to innovative ideas, sustainable behavior, and new digital solutions. We work together with our employees and retirees, customers, consumers, and NGOs to actively contribute to social progress and give back to our communities contributions that improve our society and adhere to our purpose and corporate values.

Deeply embedded in our corporate culture is the drive and character of Corporate Citizenship to go beyond our core daily business and make a voluntary social commitment. With these efforts, we are letting our communities know with more than words that we are Pioneers at Heart for the Good of Generations.

Discover the three areas in which we organize our engagement:

Social Partnerships

We take responsibility for the good of generations. Building on the integrity inherent to a family-owned business, we leverage the unique Henkel spirit by entering into social partnerships in the communities where we live and where Henkel operates to support social initiatives and public institutions. 

Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering is the lifeblood of our social commitment. When we get active on personal level, the impact can be life-changing! That is why we support our employees, retirees and teams in their social volunteering activities that contribute to a better world.

Emergency Aid

Henkel provides emergency relief in the event of natural disasters and pandemics by giving immediate aid to people placed in urgent need due to an unexpected crisis. Henkel and its employees have donated numerous products and financial support to people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corporate Citizenship Indonesia

Henkel Indonesia employees are also strong advocates of giving back to the community, and have been involved in several social projects over the past years.