Feb 26, 2014  Tanerang / Indonesia

Emergency aid

Henkel Indonesia aids flood victims in remote village

Jakarta was hit with its worst flooding in years as torrential rains in the country took its toll on the capital in January. Several thousands were displaced from their homes and one of the worst-hit areas was Tangerang.

Our Henkel Team based in Tangerang quickly mobilised their resources to collect basic goods and amenities for the victims in the isolated village of Desa Cirumpak. In five days, Budiarto Suryadi, Plant Manager for Henkel Footwear, and his team managed to gather 500 packages for the villagers consisting of food, clothes, shoes and stationery.

“In addition, 140 Henkel T-Shirts and more than a thousand Syoss shampoo sachets were collected from the Marketing Department to be included in the care packages. We are very grateful for the positive support from our colleagues,” said Budiarto.

Distribution of the care packages from Henkel to villagers of Desa Cirumpak

The Henkel Footwear team at Desa Cirumpak

Houses in the isolated village, partially submerged by the flood