Jul 28, 2014

Catering to a niche market

Adhesive solutions for the marine industry

The marine industry is a specialized sector with niche challenges of high temperatures, extreme vibrations, continuous abrasion, corrosion and rusting of parts, oil leakages and humid working environments. Understanding the specific needs of maritime players, Henkel Indonesia’s General Adhesives unit serves the largest shipyard in Southeast Asia by providing broad maintenance products and applications for ship builders and manufacturers.

Its products help to ensure that heavy equipment which are crucial to the operation of ships are well-maintained. The Loctite Fixmaster Marine Chocking for example, is a high compressive composite material that when applied to the ship’s engine, winches and hoists, is able to cope with the challenges of withstanding high load and exposure to very extreme working environments.

Besides supplying the shipbuilders with maintenance solutions, the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) team also conducts a biannual training and certification for its customers in the industry. Given that several of the products require specific knowledge for usage, these training sessions help users ensure that products are applied in a proper fashion, and this in turn, standardizes naval maintenance methods with Henkel products.

In the third edition of the training session held from 16-17 June, the MRO team introduced new items like the Loctite Fixmaster Marine Chocking and ML-11 Multi-Purpose Maintain Lube. A gala dinner held on the second night also saw the awarding of the top five participants from the training sessions.

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Training and Certification for the marine industry is held for the shipbuilding and naval-related companies in Indonesia.

Hands-on session during the training, allowing participants to do the application by themselves.