Aug 6, 2015  Singapore

Global harmonization of safety labels

Standardization of safety classification and labelling

Fostering a clearer understanding of common chemical hazards is essential to ensuring the safety of those who handle our products. In line with this commitment, Henkel embarked on its Southeast Asia Labels (SEAL) project to implement the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling across the region.

To date, the GHS labelling system has been successfully rolled out in Singapore and Malaysia. The next countries for implementation are Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Users will see changes on the safety data sheets, labels and packaging, where there will be a standardization of pictograms, signal words, hazard and precautionary statements. The standardization will enable users to understand the most important safety information and potential chemical hazards at a glance, and remind them to adopt safe practices that will ensure their health and safety.