Jul 4, 2016

One-stop digital solution

Henkel POD – the online marketplace

In an effort to better engagement with customers and simplify processes, Henkel has launched the POD online marketplace. Designed to provide customers a convenient, one-stop digital solution for all their needs, the platform has been successfully rolled out across Southeast Asia (SEA).

With the launch of Henkel POD, the entire ordering process has been digitalized and all necessary product information is now available at the customers’ fingertips. Upon logging in, users will find a unique product catalogue that has been customized to their requirements. In addition, they get a complete list of the products they have previously ordered, prices, availability, lead times and a wide range of applicable data sheets. In under five minutes, they can complete the entire order process, get real-time pricing and find out about product availability. In addition to helping save time, the platform also offers more flexibility and reduced transactional errors.

Yanawan Kuerkoryod, SEA Marketing and Sales Services Manager, said, “With the launch of Henkel POD, we are now in a position to serve customers better. The platform enables them to do business with us faster, easier and more conveniently–24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result of this digitalization, we are in a position to focus on offering more value-added services to our customers.”

To understand more about how POD can help you, click the link below to access a video about the platform: http://www.henkel-adhesives.co.id/henkel-pod-3128.htm