Jul 26, 2016

Adhesive solutions for Matahari Alka

Creating a bond of steel with customers

Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business creates high-performance solutions for a large variety of industrial applications. Our collaboration with leading metal goods company, Matahari Alka (Malka), is a great example.

Malka specializes in producing a diverse range of equipment and products from metal and composites, for use in a variety of different environments and applications. Under their brand, DataScrip, they market public and business utility fixtures and equipment, which are used in offices, airports, malls, hotels and other public places. To enable the durability in their products, Malka was looking for high-performance surface treatment solutions which provide strength and corrosion protection. They found the perfect match in our Bonderite-NT1 premier surface solution.

Ari Pramono, Sales Manager, General Industry Adhesives, Henkel Indonesia, explained, “Bonderite-NT1 is a zirconium-based coating solution, which is a sustainable alternative to traditional technologies. When Malka started using it to treat their products, they were very satisfied with its performance and energy savings.”

This was due to Bonderite-NT1’s superior performance at room temperature that significantly reduced the need to heat the surface, resulting in energy savings and a lower environmental footprint. In addition, the product’s zirconium pre-treatment coating provided added strength and corrosion prevention properties that made Malka’s products more durable, leading to greater customer satisfaction.