Aug 9, 2016

Training program for customers

The Henkel Academy in Indonesia provides training and growth opportunities to customers

The Henkel Academy in Indonesia is a unique training program aimed at broadening Henkel’s collaboration with existing customers and enabling their business growth. The objective is to help customers achieve their business goals by educating them on best practices, case studies, productivity enhancements and new, innovative ways of using our products.

Conducted by a specialized team of trainers, the academy provides basic and advanced level courses for customers. The basic courses are a beginner’s guide to adhesives products and their applications. These are particularly useful for the customers’ entry level staff and junior managers, who are new to adhesives products. Advanced level courses are tailored to help experienced professionals from purchasing, quality, and other functions to better manage maintenance, operations and troubleshooting pertaining to Henkel’s adhesives solutions.

To participate in these trainings, customers are required to fill up a registration form and submit it to Henkel. The trainings follow a standardized curriculum prepared by our trainers and are held at Henkel’s office premises in Jakarta. However, arrangements can be made to customize the content or organize the sessions at another preferred venue, upon request by customers.    

Hideyuki Yamakoshi, Technical Director, Industrial Adhesives, Henkel Indonesia, said, “We believe that customers have the right to access the information they need to get the most out of our products and applications. That is why, through the Henkel Academy, we are providing a learning and developmental platform, and sharing our passion for industry knowledge to empower our customers. At the Henkel Academy, they will not only get solutions to the problems they are facing, but also find out what’s causing the issue, how to fix it and how to get better at using the application. We encourage all customers to sign up for our training courses in order to get maximum value out of their Henkel products.”