Nov 29, 2016

Pattex brand evolution

60 years of power!

In 1956, Pattex was launched on the market as a general-purpose household adhesive. 60 years later, the brand has not only become a synonym for reliable bonding, but it also offers a unique product range for do-it-yourselfers and professional craftsmen.

With its innovative contact adhesive, Henkel initially delighted professional craftsmen – particularly shoemakers. As the first cold-curing power adhesive, Pattex eliminated the complex and dangerous task of heating. Starting in 1956, this product also became available to private households, initially in cans or buckets and, from 1964, in the 125-gram tubes we know today. Since then, the successful brand has introduced a multitude of new products and innovations much appreciated by home improvers, DIYers and people who simply want to fix something. Examples include wood glues, instant adhesives, the first non-drip adhesives and detachable assembly adhesives.

Pattex for all applications

Quick to spot the do-it-yourself boom, Pattex not only developed the necessary products, but also established a clear brand message: Pattex gives you the power for your projects! Today, the product portfolio also extends to joint sealants and hot glue guns. The most recent innovations include the solvent-free all-purpose adhesive Pattex 100% and the all-purpose assembly adhesive Pattex One for All. This year, the brand has introduced another two successful innovations: Pattex 60sec, a multi-purpose adhesive that takes just one minute to cure, and Pattex RE-NEW, a bathroom silicone sealant that is child’s play to use.

A worldwide reputation

Outside Germany, Pattex products are available in 37 countries. In Indonesia, Pattex products have been available in the country since 2015. In 2016, the Pattex Mobile House was launched, visiting office and construction sites to introduce Pattex products to Indonesian consumers. The Pattex Mobile House is equipped with product samples and materials to conduct product application demonstrations on-the-go.
Pattex products are currently available in leading home centers and DIY stores across Indonesia. The range being sold includes its construction adhesives, sealants, super glue, epoxies and contact adhesives.

Pattex Mobile House goes to housing projects for product training and application.

Pattex Mobile House goes to housing projects for product training and application.

Pattex Mobile House goes to housing projects for product training and application.