Jan 18, 2017

Providing value-added services to customers

Launch of LOCTITE Pre-Applied Application Center in Indonesia

Henkel Indonesia has collaborated with its distributor, PT Stahl Arbeit, to launch a Pre-Applied Application Center for threaded parts. The facility, which was inaugurated with a grand opening ceremony on January 10, provides a one-stop location to cater to the diverse application needs of customers.

Threaded parts and fasteners, such as nuts and bolts, are essential components of manufacturing, and are widely used in the assembly of different products and machines. Henkel provides a complete range of sustainable water-based coatings and adhesives for pre-application on fasteners during assembly.

Loctite Dri-Loc, is a thread-locking adhesive that flows in and solidifies around the microscopic gaps of threads, preventing the fasteners from loosening, thus adding stability to the overall assembly. On the other hand, Loctite Dri-Seal is a dry-touch sealant that provides excellent resistance to vibration as well as pressure and temperature changes, and therefore ideal for preventing leakages in pipe joints.

While customers understand the importance of pre-applied solutions for threaded parts, they find it difficult to apply them correctly, as each product has its own unique requirements. Now, they can simply bring their fasteners to the Pre-Applied Application Centre and Stahl Arbeit would take care of the application.

Amelia Simadibrata, Director of PT Stahl Arbeit (left), and Dale Jamieson, Southeast Asia Business Manager for Automotive Adhesives at Henkel (right), celebrate the grand opening of the Pre-Applied Application Center with a Tumpeng, a traditional Indonesian dish for auspicious occasions.

(From left): Lucky Lee, Head of Adhesive Technologies, Henkel Indonesia, Amelia Simadibrata and Dale Jamieson performed the official ribbon-cutting of the Pre-Applied Application Center.