Feb 28, 2017

Driving the packaging industry forward

Henkel Indonesia participates in Global Packaging Technology Training

Henkel Indonesia participated as a guest speaker at the Global Packaging Technology training course, held in Yogyakarta from February 7 to 10. Organized by the Indonesian Packaging Federation, in collaboration with leading international packaging institutes and organizations, the event was aimed at providing packaging professionals with a comprehensive picture of innovation trends that will drive the industry forward in the coming years.

As the global leader in Adhesive Technologies, Henkel presented its rich expertise in packaging adhesives, and introduced participants to its innovative aerated glue technology for the paper industry, AQUENCE AirFoam. As a sustainable, water-based adhesive solution, AirFoam efficiently laminates litho paper or board to flute on corrugated boxes for stronger and safer food and beverage packaging. In contrast to traditional technologies, it mixes compressed air with the adhesive to dispense lesser volume per surface area, thus ensuring up to 50 percent lesser consumption. The low volume of adhesive used means lesser moisture content in adhesion, leading to stronger bonding and greater reliability.

Besides providing participants with an opportunity to learn about new packaging technologies, the event was a great networking platform for key stakeholders and decision-makers across different segments, thus enhancing industrial relationships and opening doors for future collaboration.