May 18, 2017

Strong customer focus and engagement

High quality adhesives for furniture parts

Ch’ng Keok Chai, Director, YBWWI, said, “Our relationship with Henkel continues to grow stronger by the day. They have a good understanding of our business, and their high-performance solutions are tailored to meet our diverse needs. More importantly, their excellent after-sales support and year-round product availability enable us to serve our customers better.”

Henkel Indonesia has expanded its collaboration with Yeh Brothers Woodworks Indonesia (YBWWI), a furniture manufacturer. Both companies have been working together for years, with Henkel providing adhesive solutions to YBWWI.

Henkel’s ability to provide a high quality solution, coupled with the trust established over time, earned itself the golden opportunity to supply adhesives solution to YBWWI for its production of components for kotatsus and student desks.

A kotatsu consists of a thick quilt placed between a low table-frame and a table-top, with an electric heater fitted on the underside of the table. It is used in the homes of many Japanese to keep them warm during the cooler months.  As such, YBWWI needed an adhesive solution with superb temperature resistance. Henkel’s Technomelt PUR 6217 is an ideal adhesives solution due to its high resistance to heat, cold and humidity.

Additionally, the strong bonding capability of Technomelt PUR 6217 meant that it was also suitable for the components of student desks.

Mr. Ch’ng (left) with Henkel’s expert (middle), doing quality inspection in YBWWI’s plant.

The frames of two kotatsus. Henkel’s Technomelt PUR 6217, due to it high resistance to heat, cold and humidity, is an ideal solution for producing components for kotatsus.