Oct 10, 2017  South Tangerang, Banten

Moving forward for growth

Henkel Indonesia establishes head office in Bintaro

On 10 October, Henkel Indonesia began operating its new head office at the Nissi Bintaro Campus building in South Tangerang. 

On this special occasion, Lucky Lee, President of Henkel Indonesia, said, “Moving to Bintaro marks a new phase of growth for Henkel in Indonesia, and reinforces our long-term commitment to create sustainable value for our employees, our customers, other stakeholders and the local communities.”

Established in 1974, Henkel has been present in Indonesia for 43 years and holds a leading position in the adhesives business. Besides its head office in Bintaro, Henkel Indonesia operates two adhesives plants in Tangerang and Pasuruan. The company serves a wide variety of industries, such as automotive, consumer, furniture, food and beverage, packaging, shoes and general industries.

Bintaro represents a strategic location for Henkel to be closer to its customers that are situated in Tangerang in the West, Jakarta in the North, and Bekasi and Karawang in the East where many industrial zones are based.

Lucky said, “Henkel is leading with high-impact solutions in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide. Combining our global capabilities with our strong technical team and manufacturing excellence in Indonesia, we aim to be even more innovative, faster and more agile. Additionally, we are committed to promoting sustainability even more strongly in all our business activities.”

To drive its plans, Henkel Indonesia is fostering an agile organization with energized and empowered teams, by implementing an open office concept with modern facilities. This includes flexible seating arrangements to encourage greater communication across the organization. There are also a variety of formal rooms and informal spaces to cater to different activities. In total, there are 6 meeting rooms, 1 video conference room, 4 focus rooms, 4 phone booths, 3 collaboration areas, 1 pray room, 1 nursing room, and 1 pantry. In the office, all chairs come with ergonomic features to promote good posture and spine health.

Overall, the new office design provides an exciting opportunity to strengthen the company’s One Henkel spirit, enhance collaboration, and promote an entrepreneurial culture.

Lucky said, “With ‘People’ as one of our corporate values and our most important asset, our goal is to create a dynamic, inclusive and engaging workplace, where employees are inspired to reach their full potential and proud to be associated with.” 

The new office address is:

PT Henkel Indonesien
PT Henkel Adhesive Technologies
Nissi Bintaro Campus , 3rd Floor
Jl. Tegal Rotan Raya No.78
Bintaro , Tangerang Selatan
Banten 15413, Indonesia
Phone: +6221 2758 6900,
Fax: +6221 7592 4625

Open office.
Henkel Indonesia’s head office implements an open office concept with flexible seating arrangements for employees.

Meeting room.
The meeting room caters to formal group meetings.

Focus room.
The focus rooms are used for concentrated work or confidential conversations.

Phone booth.
The phone booth provides a place for concentrated work or telephone calls.

Collaboration area 1.
This informal meeting area is a setting where employees have the option to stand or sit during discussions.

Collaboration area 2.
This informal meeting area is an open, flexible setting for project discussion.

The pantry is a space to relax and recharge. 

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