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Collaboration to bring intelligent post-printing solutions to resin-based additive workstreams

PostProcess joins forces with Henkel to support optimized workstreams via automated post-printing

PostProcess Technologies Inc. (PostProcess), the first and only provider of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for industrial 3D printing, and Henkel, a global leading provider of advanced materials and services for additive manufacturing, have announced a collaboration to better assist companies in revolutionizing their resin 3D printing workstreams with automated post-printing.

Henkel, an industry leader with more than 100 years of application expertise, develops and commercializes novel solutions under its Loctite brand, enabling 3D printing applications in markets such as aerospace, automotive, engineering, and consumer goods with end-to-end engineering solutions. Dedicated to transforming unique needs into scalable manufacturing processes, Loctite will be able to better serve clients by offering more validated cleaning solutions for its 3D printing resins. This is enabled by Loctite’s 3D Printing Workflow tool, which documents print settings as well as post cleaning and curing settings required to meet the specified material properties. Additionally, this ongoing partnership will benefit future workstreams as both companies continue to develop the latest, cutting-edge materials and technologies for photopolymer 3D printing.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with Post Process as they offer industrial solutions for post cleaning of photopolymer 3D resins,” explained Sam Bail, Head of 3D Printing Sales and Partnership Programs at Henkel. “Part cleaning and chemical compatibility is a critical step toward achieving repeatable material performance as part of Henkel’s workflow validation.”

“It’s exciting for us to cooperate with a renowned brand in the additive manufacturing space,” said Jeff Mize, CEO, at PostProcess. “Much like Henkel, PostProcess keeps its eyes on not just one aspect of the additive process, but rather the entire end-to-end workstream. We’re looking forward to enabling Henkel’s future resin material developments with corresponding automated post-printing solutions that level up productivity and scalability.”

PostProcess and Henkel also present a webinar currently recorded in March titled “How Workflow Validation Enables Resin Additive Manufacturing at Scale: Unlocking Potential with Unique Chemistries and Automated Post-Printing”. This webinar features a deep dive into Loctite’s 3D Printing workflow tool as well as explores case studies for customers implementing Loctite resins and PostProcess’s automated resin removal solutions. To learn more about the webinar, go to

About PostProcess
PostProcess Technologies is the only provider of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for 3D printed parts. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Buffalo, NY, USA, with international operations in Sophia-Antipolis, France, PostProcess removes the bottleneck in the third step of 3D printing – post-printing – through patent-pending software, hardware, and chemistry technologies. The company’s solutions automate industrial 3D printing’s most common post-printing processes with a software-based approach, including support, resin, and powder removal, as well as surface finishing, resulting in “customer-ready” 3D printed parts.  Additionally, as an innovator of software-based 3D post-printing, PostProcess solutions will enable the full digitization of AM through the post-print step for the Industry 4.0 factory floor. The PostProcess portfolio has been proven across all major industrial 3D printing technologies and is in use daily in every imaginable manufacturing sector.

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PostProcess joins forces with Henkel to support optimized workstreams via automated post-printing

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