Mar 23, 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

New partnership to strengthen visibility, network and customer focus

iMakr to supply Loctite 3D Printing solutions from Henkel

iMakr has joined forces with Henkel as a Tier 1 channel partner for UK and Ireland. In addition, the company also supplies Loctite 3D printing materials in the US, Germany, Denmark and France.

iMakr is a world leading provider of best-in-class 3D printers, materials, scanners and additive manufacturing solutions. As a channel partner the company will bring added value to the Loctite 3D printing portfolio by providing stronger visibility, network and expertise. iMakr’s capability to bundle various offerings of printers, resins, DFAM, consultancy and services, enables the realization of the unique offerings of photopolymers across a wide range of industries. Leveraging decades of experience in material chemistry, industrial experience and solving manufacturing challenges across markets, Henkel has now started the engine of transformation in providing quality professional use materials for prosumer market, in addition to the broad portfolio of photopolymers for industrial production under the leading Loctite brand.

iMakr will provide the new professional grade PRO410 resin from Loctite through their global network. PRO410 resin for iMakr is a general-purpose material providing high resolution and exceptional surface finish. This material allows professional users to print fast and accurate parts for a wide range of form, fit, functional designs, and great aesthetic appearance prototypes. PRO410 has been verified by iMakr to work on Asiga, B9Creations, and MiiCraft, and are working together with Henkel to validate the workflow.

“We are pleased to be working with iMakr as they focus on education of the customer and matching the right solution based on the customer needs and objectives,” says Sam Bail, Director of Partnerships at Henkel. “At Henkel we want to ensure customers realize the full potential of our materials. With their focus on customer support and product to application matching, iMakr is an ideal partner for us.”

"iMakr is excited to be announcing our partnership with Henkel and their incredible range of Loctite resins,” explained Wei Liu, COO at iMakr. “Working with innovators like Henkel is an incredible opportunity, because here at iMakr we aim to inspire creativity and push the boundaries of additive manufacturing. With our extensive range of 3D printing solutions, we hope to continue to empower the world to realize their 3D printing potential with iMakr and Henkel’s cutting-edge resin technology.”

Loctite 3D printing resins, including the newly launched professional range, are available now at iMakr. Pre-orders are also now open on the iMakr website for the PRO410 resin. Checkout the iMakr website to know more about this offer.

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About iMakr
iMakr was founded in 2012 and operates one the largest 3D printing and 3D scanning stores in the world. By 2013, the first store opened in London and shortly after expanded to Paris and New York in 2014. iMakr works with various companies, educational institutions, and individuals across the globe, reaching over 70 countries. iMakr offers the best-in-class 3D technologies and most advanced consumables thanks to its expert team of engineers who test and approve each product that hits the shelves.

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Henkel and iMakr collaborate to strengthen the visibility, network and customer focus of high-performance Loctite 3D printing materials (picture: iMakr).

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