May 11, 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel Adhesive Technologies contributes to reinforce the standard for quality and safety of paper straws for the whole industry in Europe

Henkel helps partners comply with the Charter of Trust for paper straw regulations in Europe

The importance of sustainability, when it comes to convenience products like drinking straws is increasing steadily for consumers as well as regularity bodies and legislation. Hence, suiting alternatives for single use plastics like paper straws are on high demand. On 24th March the Charter of Trust for paper straws was launched by 360° Foodservice, an association which Henkel Adhesive Technologies is a member of.

360° Foodservice unites the whole value chain that provides reuse and single use solutions for safely serving food and beverages. The Charter of Trust identifies the requirements that all components of paper straw manufacturing need to fulfil in one document, in order to provide safe products in Europe and help food service operators to have confidence in the safety of their products. As a leading supplier for adhesives for paper straws Henkel has contributed to the content and signed this charter, emphasizing that the company has already implemented these standards globally, based on its strong belief in taking on environmental responsibility and public safety as business priorities. Henkel supports the cause strongly as truly sustainable and safe solutions can only be achieved with partnership of the complete value chain.

Uniting the paper straw value chain under one initiative

Distributors and retailers will benefit from the Charter of Trust, by having confidence in the safety of the products they serve. The Charter of Trust is a powerful tool for these parts of the value chain that will fill this blank space to help identify compliant and safe products more easily. Paper straws consist of several elements, paper, inks, and adhesive which all need to be perfectly aligned to create a food safe product. The Charter of Trust summarizes and highlights existing safety and regulatory standards which may pose a challenge for companies in- and outside of Europe which are not familiar with the EU standards. Straw providers and their trusted suppliers, like Henkel, do place safety first, but since safety and regulatory policies vary across regions, the creation of a focused EU standard is a giant step towards standardization, signaling to customers worldwide which characteristics need to be met by a safe paper straw.

“Food safety, sustainability and high-performance solutions were at the core of what we do since the beginning of our business and still are to this day,” says Christin Noack, Market Strategy Manager Europe at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “With our contribution and commitment to the Charter of Trust we solidify our pursuit to help our customers to create the best possible and compliant products for consumers. We can assist our European and likewise our global customers and partners to obtain and interpret the regulations which apply to the European market, to ensure compliance throughout the complete product lifecycle. Through collaboration with us they can rest assured that they are utilizing adhesives within their products that can be trusted and comply with strictest rules and regulations.”

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The Charter of Trust lays out the regulations that all components of paper straw manufacturing, such as inks, paper, adhesives, and equipment, need to comply with in order to fulfil the highest food safety standards.

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