Aug 3, 2021  Jakarta

Rallying youth to tackle the issue of plastic pollution

Henkel Indonesia supports campaign against plastic waste

In support of the global “Plastic Free July” initiative, Henkel Indonesia sponsored Teens Go Green Indonesia on their campaign to rally youth to tackle the issue of plastic waste.

Participants from more than 100 cities attended the awareness presentations and interacted with experts over four Instagram Live sessions and a Webinar.

The Instagram Live sessions featured guest speakers from KPC Kedung Sahong, Trash Hero Indonesia, Bank Sampah Induk Surabaya and a tourism activist for Dieng Plateau. The topics highlighted the severity of plastic pollution in the Ciliwung river, beach clean-up efforts in Bali, the promotion of plastic-free tourism, and ideas for plastic upcycling. The social media campaign garnered more than 5,000 views and strong engagement from users.

The Webinar, titled “Youth Action to Tackle Plastic Pollution in the Ocean”, featured guest speaker Mr Prigi Arisandi, a well-known environmentalist and founder of Ecoton (Ecological Observation and Wetlands conservation), and keynote speaker Mr Setiadi Sutanto, Head of Finance and Compliance from PT Henkel Indonesien. More than 300 participants from 17 provinces, including Jakarta and Surabaya, registered for the event.

“Henkel is committed to driving sustainability globally, including in Indonesia. We are heartened by the passion of Teens Go Green Indonesia to educate young people about the severity of plastic pollution in the country as well as the urgency to take collective actions to improve the situation,” said Mr Alejandro Schoenhoff, President of Henkel Indonesia.

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Henkel Indonesia sponsored a digital campaign to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

The campaign included a Zoom webinar which attracted participants from more than 100 cities across Indonesia.