Feb 12, 2015  Jakarta

Collaboration with Softex

A successful partnership in non-woven adhesives

For almost 20 years, Henkel Indonesia has enjoyed a successful partnership with Softex Indonesia, a consumer goods company which produces sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers, and wet tissues.

We provide adhesive solutions and products to make Softex competitive in a growing hygiene business in Indonesia. These include pressure sensitive adhesive hotmelt, technical service equipment, and technical service programs.

“We anticipate, respond to and meet Softex’s expectations by providing value, quality, and innovative brands and technologies,” said Michael Ferdian, Industrial Adhesives Steering Unit Manager, Henkel Indonesia.

Henkel’s contributions have helped Softex to deliver the best products to consumers. Importantly, our service excellence has made Henkel a valuable partner to Softex, and we seek to continue growing together successfully.